App Wishlist

Needing an app wishlist? No need to look any further. We’ve complied some of the five of the most coveted apps for your wishlist! 1. Here for iOS – This application provides local transit, as well as driving and walking directions. You can create a collect for easy access of places you love or want to visit which can be shared with friends. 2. Highlight – Is a location sharing app that allows you to create a personalized profile and pass out virtual fist bump and awkward high fives to your friends comments and locations. 3. Here on Biz – Travel alot for work? This app uses LinkedIn information to let you know which other professionals are nearby. Great networking tool. You can use it to check in to work related activities such as conferences and see who else is in attendance. 4. Cozi Dinner Decider – Tired of hearing, ” What’s for Dinner?…” input Cozi. Using your family’s food preferences, Cozi creates a week’s worth of meals based on your preferences, as well as gives you a shopping list. 5. Sparrow for iOS – Purchased by Google this year – Sparrow opens the doors of Passbook. This app allows you to import passes that you recieve via e-mail directly into your Passbook. What other apps are on your wishlist this year? Let us know.