Application Nation for Facebook – Part 1

Spending half of your day looking at your friends photos on Facebook? Facebook’s Apps bring a whole new meaning to social media. We’ve sorted through the mass of Apps to bring you the best of the best. Just when you thought social media couldn’t get any better…apps came along. Facebook apps have skyrocketed in popularity lending them to make social media even more interactive and entertaining. Spotify. Is a (legal) musical sharing app that allows you to see what your friends are listening to and listen to your favorite tunes while on Facebook. Last.fm Music. Allows you to display a “real-time feed” of fm tunes while you browse. run keeper facebook appRunkeeper. Is an active app that allows you to track, map and even save routes for cycling, jogging, walking, etc. This app allows you to inform your network of friends when you complete an activity, how long it took and where you went. Runkeeper also allows you to track downhill skiing routes, hiking, rowing, skating, swimming and other activities, as well. Grockit. An educational social tool that allows you to connect with friends on Facebook to study. From the SAT to the GRE this customizable program has lesson plans developed for your use. Grockit conveniently lets you choose to study alone or with a group. After completion of a goal – it posts your good news! Our beloved Pinterest also makes an appearance in Facebook apps. You can now make your Pinterest boards and pins visible on your Facebook timeline – instantly! For more on Facebook apps check out – Mashable Need help with Facebook? We can help! Contact us.