Application Nation for Facebook – Part 2

With all the mass of new Facebook App’s – we decided to give you more of our top picks by category. Where I’ve Been. A world map showing the places you’ve lived or traveled to? Insert this App. Show friends all the places you have been. Leave photos, videos and reviews. Marketplace. Sell it. Give it. Ask for it. You can do all of it and more with the Marketplace App on Facebook. Equates to Craigslist on Facebook. Cool feature? You can sell it and donate the funds to your cause. Picnik. Want to edit your photos without expensive software? With Picnik you can edit your photos while uploading them to Facebook making the process easy and streamlined. DivShare. Want to share more than just pictures and status updates on Facebook? Allows you to share MP3’s, .doc files and anything else you care to upload under 200MB with no cap on total storage space. Application Builder. Have a genius idea for an App and can’t seem to find it? Create it! App builder makes it easy to create your own simple App’s including quizzes, fan pages and polls. Need help with Facebook? We can help! Contact us.