Blogging Decoded

New to blogging? Confused by the unusual language that comes along with blogging and bloggers? Here are some top terms that can help keep you in the loop and simplify some of the common blogging terms.  Blogroll – A blogroll is a list of websites that are usually displayed in the sidebar of the blog showing who the blogger reads regularly or most frequently. Blogosphere – This term refers to the internet blogging community and all of the conversations within that sphere. Podcasting – A method of distributing multimedia auto and video files online to viewers. Podcasting allows viewers to view or playback on mobile devices. Moblog – A moblog is a blog published directly to the web from a mobile device. These blogs are updated more frequently since they can post and update on the go. Vlogging – Also known as video blogging or blog is a variant of blogging that uses video to spread messages instead of text. Interested in great blogging platforms? WordPress, Blogspot, Blogger, Typepad and LiveJournal are platforms that have variances to fit your blogging needs. Need help with your blog? Contact us.