Charging On The Go

New, amazing, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ techie inventions have popped up left and right over the last couple of years. We’ve all been there. You wake up, get moving and realize you didn’t charge your phone last night. Not a huge problem thanks to our two dozen iPhone chargers in every nook and cranny. Unless…you’re on a tight schedule or are traveling last-minute and forget the charger. What if your purse, briefcase or backpack could charge your device while you commuted, traveled or even camped? Well, we’re in luck! Some ingenious folks have developed a myriad of products that will do just that. Here are a few of our favorites: Powerbag. Everything but the kitchen sink dead? Powerbag can charge up to four devices at one time. You charge the Powerbag by plugging it in, turn it on and your devices will plug into the bag itself. The bag will even let you know when it’s time for a charge. Energi+. Energi+ is a backpack that similar to Powerbag holds a rechargeable battery that allows you to charge multiple devices at once. Energy+ utilizes cords to charge the devices, but keeps them contained into one bag. Everpurse. Everpurse is a stylish bag/purse that comes in multiple variations including fabric and leather that utilizes a charging pad overnight to give it the juice to charge your phone…twice. The purse involves no cords and you never have to plug in your phone. The purse sits on a charging pad to charge itself – your phone will then fit into a pocket that charges it cordlessly. Hustle. Hustle is a fashion conscious clutch/cross body bag that, similar to Everpurse, utilizes a charging pad to charge your phone. Hustle can charge your phone up to four times without any cords involved. This brand also offers a leather wallet option for men. Birksun. Similar to the other backpacks, this backpack will charge multiple devices at once. Best part? Birksun utilizes solar panels on it to charge the battery inside. The bag comes with cords most likely compatible with your multiple devices. “One hour of sunlight translates into 18.75% of your smartphone charge.” Phorce. Love to camp? Phorce is your dream. The bag allows people to “roam free for up to two weeks without plugging into a wall,” all contained in a water resistant durable bag. Phorce will be available when launched in November. Looks like the old ‘my phone died’ excuse wont fly for much longer. Not with these great on-the-go chargers to be had.