Custom Website or Template Website. Which do I really need?

To build or not to be build…that is the question. When it comes to building a website, choosing between a template site and a custom site becomes the big question. Figuring out which site best suits your needs, will best help you decide which route to choose. Custom websites are designed from the ground up around your needs. That means total control over customization that fits you and your business. We have freedom to develop a unique design that isn’t always accessible through templates. If standing apart from the crowd is a main concern for you and your company, custom sites guarantee originality and give your company a unique voice. If you need a few extras… for example private membership areas, shopping carts, event management or live video streaming… you likely need a custom site. Template sites best feature is the lack of cost, but can be quite restricted in regards to customization. This can be a huge pro for many small businesses when cost is a great factor. If you are considering a template site, we suggest considering a template WordPress theme. Starting with a WordPress theme allows you to easily transition into a website that later you can add too, build upon and one you’ll have the ease of updating on your own if you like. Keep in mind, templates will have less control of what you can add and where which can become a problem when needing specific changes made to your site without the use of coding and add on’s. If you’re in need of a brochure site (translation, a 4-6 page site with basic content pages….about, services, contact, etc) with some simple features, a purchased WordPress template may be the cost effective website solution for you. Don’t venture into the waters alone. We’ll help you select, install, develop, and maintain your new WordPress website. Overall, choosing which site is best for you is dependent on your functionality needs, budget and time limitations. Curious about WordPress? Read our top 10 reasons to to use WordPress for your next website.