Easy event management and online fundraising options.

Recently, we were asked for the easiest way online to collect an entry fee to an event. First we had a few questions.

  • How was the invitation going to be sent?
  • Was the money being raised for a fundraiser?
  • Where they aware of the fees involved with online payment gateways?

Here’s a few simple and secure solutions to manage your event and collect fees or receive fundraising donations.

If you already have either an email blast, newsletter, printed invitation planned, or an advertised event, you’ll likely only looking for the best secure online fee collection. For that, we suggest Fundrazr.

If you are looking to activate a large group of supporters to donate, Fundrazr is a great fundrazr_logofundraising tool. The website allows you to create your event, charity, or fundraiser in a few simple steps. The best feature. It’s socially savvy. You and your guests can share the fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  you name it. Plus, you can embed Fundrazr page directly into your website or blog. It’s quick, easy and built to share. Fee collection is through PayPal, so it’s also a secure option.

If you would like to send a personal email invitation, you can use evite to create an invite, track guests, send directions and include a link for an entry fee. It’s fairly easy to do, you’ll need to setup a PayPal account and then create a button. They provide step by step easy instructions for creating the button and adding it to the evite. Here’s a great article on How to Use Evite.com from eHow.com to include PayPal button. IMPORTANT to note, the article says, “If you will be collecting an admission fee or other event related amount of money you can include a PayPal button on your evite as long as you already have a PayPal account and your www.evite.com email is the same one that is associated with that account.” Also don’t forget, you’ll be ‘donating’ a per transaction fee to PayPal, but for the security and ease of mind per transaction, it’s definitely worth it.