Geek Tools For Giving Back

Giving back is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do. We’ve rounded up 5 apps that help you do just that…in a geek sort of way. 1. Catalista – Want to give back, but low on cash? This app allows you to donate time in your community. The app let’s you search for volunteer opportunties based on your time, location, skills and interest. Contact the organization and plan to give back to your community! 2. Charity Miles – This app let’s you earn money while you sweat! Select which charity you want to sweat for (i.e. run, walk or bike) and the app tracks your distance and lets you earn money for your chosen charity. Biking earns 10 cents a mile – walkers and runners earn 25 cents a mile. 3. Zealous Good (This app is currently only available in Chicago) Zealous Good allows you to find charities in need of items that you may have. You post a description and picture of the item and whether you can drop it off. The app matches your item with a charity in need. Win – win! 4. Instead – This app is a not-for-profit app that encourages users to “live below their means and donate the extra money”. Hence the “instead”. Instead of buying that fancy latte, you could dontate the money to one of the charities. Another neat feature? This app will keep track of how much money you’ve donated and where it went. 5. Give 2 Charity – This app lets you earn points that equal out to donations for charities just by opting in and allowsing the app to collect data based on your location measurement. The data is not shared or used for ad targeting. The points you earn can be exchanged to money which are then donated to the charity of your choice. How will you give back this year?