A possible competitor for Google Glass could be making its way into the market. GlassUp, an Italian founded company, allows users to see messages, email and social media updates through eyewear by syncing up with your phone. “The GlassUp eyeglasses report the incoming e-mails, text messages, tweets, Facebook updates and other messages, so that the user can keep abreast on what is going on in this big world. The message is shown for only a few instants, on the side of the field of view, in an unobtrusive manner.” Of course, although similar, the products will have some varying factors. The price of GlassUp is significantly cheaper rounding in at $399 compared to the hefty price tag of Google Glass’ $1,500 price. Along with the lower price, will be more limited features. “The company is calling the GlassUp a “receive only” device, which means users can’t respond to text messages and emails or even take pictures.” GlassUp does respond to the “read only” portion of the device by stating, “They are read only, we believe it would be messy to try and manage the messages: to respond to a message you’ll have to go back to your mobile, as usual.” GlassUp is targeting distribution February 2014 while Google Glass is expected to arrive by the end of 2013. Would you use GlassUp or Google Glass?