Google Maps adds Indoor Floor Plans

The holidays are anything but easy. Thanks to Google Maps new indoor floor plans you can map out your holiday shopping route or check out the new airport you’ll be stuck at. Google indoor floor plans include over 10,000 locations world wide such as airports, museums and stores. You can ask for the fastest route or be certain you won’t be lost in the airport. Another plus? Easy to use. “Simply zoom in on a building on Google Maps and you’ll automatically see a detailed floor plan with helpful labels for gates at the airport, stores within the mall, departments within a retail shop, as well as ATMs, restrooms and more, ” says Google. Options are available to add your own floor plan to Google Maps. Until now, Google’s indoor maps were only available on Android, but now can be accessed from your desktop. Have or will you use Google Indoor Maps to plan your next trip or retail execursion? Let us know.