Google+ = ?

Still wondering what Google+ is? Well here is the breakdown you’ve been waiting for in laymens terms. Overall, Google+ is a social networking platform born from the search engine master Google. Google+ has basically the same concepts as social networking sites such as Facebook. Except instead of a news feed you have the Stream. Things have also been expanded to include elements such as Circles, Hangouts, Huddle and Sparks. Sound like a foreign language? We’re getting to the bottom of it. With Google+, social media becomes more targeted. Instead of posting to all of your friends – sharing is narrowed down to different things for different people. Insert Circles. This feature allows you to categorize people by friends, work colleagues, etc and speak to them directly. Hangouts – is a virtual hangout that allows you to do just that – virtually hangout with your friends. Meaning – face-to-face video chats that can include more than two people. Huddle – lets you talk to multiple people in one conversation. You know when you are trying to make plans with more than a couple people and things get confusing? This lets everyone be on the same page without having to finish separate conversations. Lastly, we have Sparks. Sparks sorts things you’re in to and finds similar things that might interest you. Overall, Google+ is another social networking platform that expands on things you can do in a different way. Need help deciding which social media network is right for you?