Ion Glasses

Since Google Glass came onto the horizon, there has been a surplus of similar alternatives. All promise to provide similar functions such as use of your smartphone (seeing incoming messages, calls, emails, photos, etc.) through the lens of the wearable’s rather than using your actual smartphone. All prototypes even look similar, futuristic, techie glasses whose main benefit is functionality. Well, for those of us also concerned with appearance, Ion Glasses may be the fashion-conscious answer. Ion Glasses originates from a group of engineers from Elche, Spain who’ve developed prescription lens-compatible, stylish glasses that communicate with your Android or Apple (iOS) device. Their functionality is similar, allowing users to see incoming texts, calls, emails and calendar notifications without having to utilize your actual phone. Of course, they don’t offer the full functionality of Google Glass – you can’t take video or photos, but they do offer more in the realm of appearances. Currently, the team is raising money on Indiegogo to fund the development. Their goal is $150,000 and has currently raised upwards of $9,800.00. Donations of $79.00 are promised a pair of the frames (not including prescription lenses) which are set to ship February of 2014. While donations of $99.00 receive the coveted sunglass option. Lastly, for $3,499.00 you can sign up to receive a distributor pack featuring 50 Ion Glasses. Would you wear Ion Glasses or are you more comfortable with the functionality and branding of Google Glass? Either way it appears Smart Glasses are on their way.