Over the last year, Pinterest has been working to make the picture-centric pinboard even better. Pinterest has added pages for businesses, mobile apps and secret boards. Currently, they have a major redesign in the works. On behalf of current pinners, here’s what Pinterest could do to make its users happier according to Moving Pins As of now, Pins are placed in chronological order of which you have pinned. While Pinterest currently allows you to change your board covers, you cannot move the pins within the board. Your only options are delete and re-pin. Being able to organize your pins in the order you choose would allow for more customization. Search Your Pins Currently on Pinterest, you can search for pins and categories though others pins, but not your own. Finding that cookie recipe you pinned 6 months ago may be a struggle if you have thousands of pins. Being able to search for a specific pin of yours would be a convenient and needed feature as our Pinterest boards grow. Pin-it on Smartphones Last August, Pinterest added a build-in browser to its iPad app allowing you to utilize the “Pin It” button. As of now, this feature isn’t utizied on smartphones. This would make pinning on the go easier!