A new addition to our iPhone maps has come into creation. Plotter, quietly released on iPhone earlier this month is planning its release at SXSW hoping to gain acknowledgment from people new to town. The new app that allows users to create, share and view maps with friends and the entire Plotter community. Rather than simply look up a place online, Plotter allows you to plot all of your favorite locations in a particular city and then share with the Plotter community and friends. This app is great, as it adds a social layer to the iPhone maps and allows you to search for places your friends frequent, as well as a fun way to see where the locals go when you’re new to an area. “Plotter was built out of necessity. As a frequent traveler and constant user of my native maps app on the iPhone, I was always hoping for additional functionality with maps.” the company’s founder and CEO Tom Nolan told Mashable. Will you be using Plotter? We think our friends visiting Nashville will love it. We can share all our favorite spots to hit while in town!