Thinking of Running a Social Media Contest? Read This First!

Contests are a major component of a successful Social Media campaign. A social contest can help get your brand in front of a wider audience quickly and is a great way for companies to engage with their clients. InfoGraphics like this one created by Kontest infographic-everybodyplays-kontestdo a good job of highlighting the benefits to running a giveaway and just how impactful they are. If you are considering a contest run (and you should) you want to make sure you are checking each sites Terms of Service (TOS) before you do. For instance, Facebook recently updated its rules regarding give aways. No longer is it ‘ok’ to run a simple “Like” or “share” contest. The same goes for “picture uploads” or “comment” entries. Facebook now requires each page to use a third party app to run any giveaway. Moreover, should a page run a contest in which entry relies on a “like” or “share”, Facebook reserves the right to suspend the page. In the world of Social Media this is not a risk anyone should take. There are many Contest Apps (third parties) out there to choose from and an App for every budget. We know searching for the one App to fit your needs might be overwhelming–so, we put together the following list of 10 to get you started: As with Facebook, all Social Media sites have a TOS concerning contests. Make it a part of your Best Practices to brush up on them from time to time. Should the rules change, you want to still be able to play the social game.