Tired of loosing your keys? No fun. Lost wallet? Definitely not fun. Inventive start-up company that has created a literal ’tile’ that will allow you to find said lost wallet? Really fun. Meet Tile – a sleek white tile shaped object that will track items that you might easily lose. “Just attach, stick or drop your Tile into any item you might lose: laptops, wallets, keys, guitars, bikes—you name it.” The Tile and app are both compatible with IOS devices allowing you to track up to 10 tiles on your app. The app will sync with your tile to show the last place the item was on GPS, give you directions, as well as chime so you can hear it. The device requires no batteries and has a life span of 1 year. Tile also let’s you share access to your tiles with family, friends, co-workers – whoever might be searching along with you. The bad part? Tile is on a pre-order wait, but luckily for us, will be available for ship winter 2013/14 and you can pre-order here. Check out how cool Tile really is here! Would you use Tile?