Top 10 reasons to use WordPress for your next Website

1. Ease of Updating

WordPress allows you to update your site visually as well as the more complex HTML. This is a great feature for those who don’t speak geek, also known as code. It allows you to visually add images, text and other features to complete your site and draw an audience.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another benefit of WordPress sites is that search engines love WordPress. WordPress is designed to be search engine friendly and allows your site and information to be indexed faster than other blog platforms and show up faster. This is a great benefit from start-up to top companies as SEO equals more viewers on your Web Site!

3. Numerous Updates

WordPress creator, Automattic, releases updates that ensure you and your sites security on a regular basis. The creators are consistently adding new features and bug fixes to keep your site safe and fresh.

4. Web Site and Blog Options

You can use WordPress in more than one format. You can choose to use your WordPress site solely as a blog and link it to your Web Site. Alternatively, you can use WordPress as your Web Site and include an integrated blog within your site. Extra pages and menu tabs can be added so that company information is easily accessible.

5. Easily Accessible to Many Platforms

WordPress sites are built on simple and accessible technologies that allow it to install in different formats. The Web Pages appear in CSS and HTML which allows them to be viewed on iPhones, iPad, Blackberry’s, etc which is great for businesses wanting to be accessible to everyone through different devices.

6. WordPress can Grow as your Business/Need Grows

WordPress sites have the ability to grow through upgrades and features as your need progresses. You can easily upgrade your site with new features, add-on’s and security. By upgrading to a new theme you can change the appearance of your site without completely creating a new site. Your content stays in place, while the site design can easily be changed or updated.

7. Open and Free WordPress will be. (No fees, no catches) is completely free to use. Since WordPress is free, it is a great tool for people with limited or no budget for media. Even though WordPress attracts people with limited to no budgets, top companies are using WordPress for their own sites. Click here to find examples of Fortune 500 companies using Worpdress.

8. Availability of Plug-ins and Widgets

Want to add a membership area? A shopping cart? A social media share widget? WordPress offers an abundance of plug-in’s and widgets that you can add on to your site to do almost anything you can imagine. Their implementation to the site is smooth and allows you to customize them to fit your needs. And, it most cases, plug-ins are free to download.

9. Need a Different Look?

Lucky for you, in WordPress your website content and pages live separately of the design, so we can change the entire website look and feel, or make adjustments to theme detail elements like colors and fonts without having to rebuild the entire site.

10. Newbie and Developer Friendly

WordPress is designed to allow the average user publish content without knowing any CSS, HTML or computer coding. The visual editor is simple and easy to learn, and most feel it is very similar to working in a Word document. It allows everyone to have a professional site that is easy to update with minimal effort or learning curve. On the other side – it is flexible enough that it allows developers and geeks like us to have complete control over designing a site perfect for your needs.