Wendy House Photography

Wendy is a phenomenal family and lifestyle portrait photographer. She was getting great referrals from previous clients, but needed an online photography portfolio to really launch her business.

Wendy came to us with a few things on the top of her list for the new website.


Easy to update.

Large full screen photos.

Audio player.


We also had a few things we knew she would need on the top of our list.

1. Batch upload and photo processor. We knew she would be uploading a lot of photos. She would need something that could handle a large portfolio, and one that would easily resize and optimize photos automatically for desktop, laptop, iPhone and iPad.

2. SEO. Always, with any project, but particularly for one that’s very image heavy.

3. WordPress. It would be easy for her to learn to update and allow for endless options on plugins for slideshows, social media, even ecommerce should she decide to sell her photos from the new website.

We helped Wendy develop a website that would grow with her talent for photography, one she was comfortable updating regularly and beautiful enough to compliment her work.

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