email signature with html

Email Signature with Logos, Social Media Icons & More

The last thing you probably think about is what your e-mail signature says about you and your business. However, this little “signature” can become a tool for you and your business that is stamped on every e-mail you send – lending itself to be quite the handy marketing tool without having to think about it. An e-mail signature with logo allows you to sign your e-mails with not only your name, but relevant business information that can lend people to click directly through to your businesses Facebook page, Twitter account, website, while also showcasing your logo and branding elements. WiseStamp is an easy tool for users of Entourage, Thunderbird, Google Chrome and more. Easily create your email signature, add your logo, quotes, and social media icons in just a few easy steps. Visit Using Mac Mail? You’re not going to get to use WiseStamp yet. Here’s a great article we found that was very helpful to create a custom signature. Read more at : Create a flashy HTML signature in Apple Mail

The above email signature was created for the very talented Robert Glover Photographer. He wanted a sleek and professional email signature that easily linked to his online portfolios, social media pages and EPK. Check out his amazing high impact photography at