Have you heard of Etsy? Etsy has become one of the most popular marketplaces for handmade and vintage items. Etsy has grown significantly to “eight hundred thousand sellers and twelve million buyers”. To explain, Etsy is an e-commerce website that focuses on the sales of handmade items or vintage items for sale. Seem simple? It is. Are you creative or have a skill that you can sell? Etsy allows you to set up your own Etsy shop that allows you to easily post pictures and detailed information about your handmade or vintage items allowing you to reach a broad audience to sell your items. Setting up an Etsy shop allows you to detail information about who you are and what you do, photos of your items for sale, descriptions, shop, as well as shipping policies. All of the features allows the buying and selling process to be easy for both sides. Need help setting up your Etsy shop? We can help! Contact us.