organic SEO

Reading Google Analytics: What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is defined as traffic that comes about naturally either from search engine’s, unpaid listings or directories. This type of traffic is free of directives other than the user (i.e. not paid ads). This type of traffic differs from referral traffic as it is found organically or naturally and does not arise from pointed sources. Organic search engine optimization includes producing relevant & accurate content within your website that naturally increases the opportunity for your website to appear in keyword searches applicable to your website’s content. “Usually, the top organic result gets most of the clicks from web users. According to recent studies from the AOL search data leak, the first listing gets approximately 42% of clicks, while the number ten listing gets approximately 3% of the total clicks. The differences in web traffic generated can be staggering depending on how many searches per month your keyword generates.” source: Web Traffic on Wikipedia