Do I really Need Google Fonts For My Website?

Designing a new website is exciting, for the design team and the client. There are many details to decide on such as colors, style, photos, structure, content, SEO, and…fonts. We, at Nashville Geek, suggest using Google Fonts.

Contrary to what you may think, choosing a font to use on your website is one of the most important decisions you will make. Put simply, choice of font and size of text has a huge effect on your ROI (Return on Investment). Readability determines how long a visitor stays on your page, and that determines how much of your message gets delivered. You can have a beautiful design but if the text is too small, contracts awkwardly in mobile, or takes too long to load, visitors will become frustrated, abandon your page and visit your competitor’s instead.

Most of us understand that consistency of color, style, and message is important from a branding perspective. Google Fonts are well designed and provide plenty of choices for designers while avoiding some pitfalls that come with installing other fonts.

Fonts need to be consistent across all digital and traditional media. If you don’t have Google fonts imported into the code, or use web safe fonts, substitution will occur. Installing a Google Font ensures branding consistency and website designers consider this when developing your design.

Trust your designer’s font suggestions; readability, accessibility, and style are their stock in trade. All of this does not mean settling for a boring website. Designers often choose interesting more stylized fonts for headers making sure body text is chosen for readability. The following graphic illustrates the versatility you can expect from Google Fonts. Feel free to download the image for reference. (Right click on the image to download.)

Google currently offers 489 optimized font choices. Ensuring your website is beautiful and optimized couldn’t be easier. Click here to find out more about Google Fonts.