Facebook Update – Graph Search

Is Facebook’s updated Graph Search release on September 30th following in the footsteps of Instagram’s infamous hashtags? On Monday, Facebook announced an update to their Graph Search feature that will allow users to search within comments, posts and status updates for specific or trending topics, as well as enables users to search by a time period or location. The Graph Search update allows users to quickly check out conversations days later or specific events they’re interested in reading comments and statuses on. Per Mashable, “Facebook reported on its Q2 earnings call that 88 to 100 million people are actively using the social network during primetime television hours — a number that Facebook advertisers will pay close attention to.” Unfortunately, this update is not yet available to all Graph Search users. According to a Facebook company spokesperson, “It will be tested starting on Monday with a small group of users and will roll out more expansively after that. Users will only be able to search for content that has been shared with them, in addition to public posts. In other words, your conversations should not appear in a search run by someone outside of your network unless your comments and posts are public.” So, next time you want to see how many of your Facebook friends are commenting about your favorite TV show – insert Graph Search. Graph Search could be a useful tool for Social Media Optimization of  Business Pages. The ability to know what your followers care and share about could mean more engaging conversations and better quality relationships. Which is the social media goal. Will you use Facebook’s updated Graph Search to find topics and real time conversations? If you are one of the early users, please, let us know what you think.