Review: S2Member WordPress membership plugin

Here at Nashville Geek, we often get requests for membership functionality to be added to a WordPress website.  S2Member Pro by WebSharks, Inc has repeatedly proven to be the best choice for our needs.s2Member® (WordPress Membership Plugin) S2Member offers two versions.  The free version is a complete, feature rich plugin, easy to install and will be enough for a lot of sites. There is often (usually) a request to extend or modify the basic functionality of the plugin.  That is where the S2Member Pro makes itself the leader in WordPress membership plugins.

Feature comparison of S2Member and S2Member Pro.

The pro version offers additional features such as a handy login widgets, integration with several payment gateways and the ability to import, export and mass update your members.  On the geek side, the plugin allows your developer (me) to make whatever changes you need to make it work with your site.  There are always limits, but I have not ran into any yet.  There is also a newly added remote operations feature that allows you to work with user management via their api.  Great stuff for geeks like me.

How is S2Member‘s support?

What I was most impressed with, is their support community.  ANY time I had a question, I could easily search their forum and post questions.  Responses were reasonably fast either from other forum members or their very friendly and helpful support staff.  The lead developer will even drop in to help if needed.  His team is very sharp and knowledgeable about their product.

Final thoughts on S2Member

I searched long and hard for a suitable WordPress membership plugin. There were several intriguing options that either fell short on support, functionality, or the ability to modify for particular situations.  S2Member met and often exceeded all of my criteria.  If you are looking for a fantastic membership plugin for your WordPress site, I suggest you take a look, and see for yourself. s2Member® (WordPress Membership Plugin)