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Top 5 Things We Took Away From Podcamp Nashville 2014

podcast2014 If you aren’t familiar with Podcamp, you need to be. Hundreds of geeks gather each year for the annual “unconference” to share ideas, learn new skills, and network with other industry leaders. Tons of fantastic ideas and information were shared, but we think the following are the best tips we took away.

  1. Better habits = better content (Jeff Sanders)
  2. We are who we say we are. (David Hooper)
  3. Publish great content. (Ross Jones)
  4. If you use WordPress, you need to install the Schema plug-in. (Mitch Canter)
  5. SEO will never die. (Ross Jones, Anna Hamil, and Jon Henshaw)

Don’t worry if you didn’t catch this years gathering. It is sure to be back next year with more content and new surprises. Check out the Podcast Nashville Website for more information.