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City Saver is a well-known Nashville based company known for their fundraiser coupon book and mobile app full of local discounts on restaurants, shops and fun stuff.

The company was managing six different websites with an active blog and social media presence. They needed a streamlined solution to manage all city websites, while also offering site visitors quick access to local coupon deals and merchant information.

City Saver was the perfect candidate for WordPress Multi-Site. The purpose of the multi-site network is to manage the primary domain, while also creating easy setup and management of multiple sub-domain websites within one single WordPress installation. Based on access levels, admin users can manage only one website, or every website in the network using a single account login.

Visit a City Saver City Website:

We introduced an entirely new design, consistent across all City Saver city websites, and created a helpful merchant database for site visitors to view sample coupon deals, purchase the book, download the mobile app, find fundraising tools and ideas. Now, you can find every type of cuisine, shop, or attraction coupon offers in every area of your city with the click of the mouse.

“If someone searches for a restaurant or family fun activity in a certain area of town, City Saver will be found. More specifically, our merchants that fit those categories will be found. Consumers who are looking for a restaurant or attraction will be pleased to see our coupon offers with links on how to obtain the deals. Each merchant has its own page on the site, with address, phone number, website and social media links.” from the City Saver blog.

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City Saver WordPress Multisite Websites