5 Simple Habits to Make You a Better Blogger

Everyone seems to be blogging these days. No matter your expert level, good blogging habits are important in building your audience. Follow these “Geek” tips to set your blog apart from the rest of the world.

  • Read, read, read. Stay up to date on industry trends by subscribing to RSS Feeds such as Feedly and Digg Reader. Sign up with Google Alerts to receive emails on a certain topic, person or business. You can be notified immediately, daily, or a weekly digest. Sign up here.
  • One of the most challenging parts of blogging is keeping a consistent writing schedule. Even if you only blog once a week, blog every week. Most successful bloggers are in best form in the morning after they’ve had their first or second cup of coffee and are fully focused.
  • Engage with your audience. Be sociable and don’t ignore comments made to your post. Post content that encourages feedback from your readers.
  • Always categorize your blogs. Leaving a post uncategorized can make your blog appear unprofessional and doesn’t help your readers find the content they are seeking.
  • Arrange your content in a way it’s easy for your readers to view. Don’t post “fluff” or irrelevant material. Use bullets, bold important information, and don’t be afraid to use headings. We recommend no more than one heading 1 and two heading 2’s for SEO purposes.

Try these 5 simple tips for 30 days and let us know your results.