Are You Guilty of Not Using “BCC”?

You may not think anything about sending a mass email to 10 contacts, but are you taking precaution for their email privacy? If you are not using the “bcc” option on your email message, you are setting yourself up for possible enemies.

The Geeks have put together the top reasons why you need to use “bcc” on every email you send out to the masses.

  1. Openly displaying email addresses is not only unprofessional, it’s also rude to assume your recipients want everyone on your contact list to have access to their email address. You can never assume someone will not spam your contacts or forward your email to a future spammer.
  2. Recipients have to scroll through all the email addresses to see your message. If you send a message to 50 people, chances are people aren’t going to scroll through the list to see what you wrote. This is even more frustrating to scroll through on a phone or tablet.
  3. Chances are someone is going to start the reply all chain. How many times have you got caught in an email conversation that has nothing to do with you? Unlike the unfollow button on Facebook, you can’t opt out of the stream of emails.
  4. You could be setting yourself up for legal privacy issues. Trace Adkins may be fine with you spamming him, but we can guarantee if you share his email with anyone else, you won’t be on his Christmas Party invite list.

It’s always best to send all marketing emails through email marketing companies such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or Emma. These email programs help eliminate spam and offer cool features that will get your email securely into the mailbox of your next big client.