Instagram Videos

Thanks to Instagram’s update, Vine may have competition. Instagram has transformed their app allowing users to snap 15-second videos. The video feature allows you to filter your short clips, just as you would your images, as well as create your own personal ‘cover thumbnail’, where you can choose the still image of your video. Last, but not least, this new feature also offers image stabilization throughout the clip.This new feature is easy to use and adds a pop of life to our Instagram streams. Vine, an app similar to Instagram, that allows users to take short 6.5-second clips of their lives to share could be feeling the competition. Although both apps are currently thriving, both also have a different set of features and audiences that may keep both afloat. So, what’s the difference between Instagram video’s and Vine? Instagram features videos 15-seconds in length while Vine offers clips at 6.5. Instagram allows you to add their infamous filters to your video’s. Both app’s only let you take video through the app only and don’t allow video uploads through the app. Will this new Instagram feature compete with Vine? Who is obsessing over Instagrams new video feature?