Oh, the Places You Will… Pin? New Place Pins on Pinterest

Everyone’s favorite fashion and food site, Pinterest, recently introduced a new pinning category – The Place Board and Place Pin. The Place Board enables users to share and make travel or vacation plans by adding a map while, Place Pins include extra details like the address and phone number of businesses and attractions. New Pinterest Place Boards can also be collaborative, giving you and your friends a way to share your favorite spots anywhere in the world. Just set up a board for any city, say… New Orleans, add a map, invite friends to pin, and get the inside scoop on the greatest places to visit. Place Boards also offer an interactive map option to pin businesses and attractions geotagged by FourSquare. This feature can be limiting if the business or place isn’t on FourSquare, but it could come in handy should you need directions to your friend’s favorite tapas restaurant in a distant city. Even if you don’t set up a Places Board yourself, you should definitely search for Place Pins before your next vacation. Pinterest asked some of the leading travel blogs and companies to set up boards for cities around the world. You can find everything from Top 100 Hotels in the World, from Conde Nast Traveler to Angie Eats New York City!, from Jeremy & Angie of Living the Dream. Pinterest even set up a special feed to gather all the Pro Boards together. What do you think of Pinterest’s new Place Pin’s? We think it’s a great way to prepare for our next vacation…or dream about one at least.