Vine’s private messaging feature now available!

Our favorite short video social network app introduced a new private messaging feature recently in addition to an update including customized profile colors. The private messaging feature, similar to Instagram’s new direct feature and Snapchat, allows users to send six second video messages to those in  and out of their Vine network, including people in their phone’s address book. Users can also send a ‘group’ like message to multiple Vine users at one time, but will deliver as private messages to each person as the app doesn’t currently support group messages. If you want to send a private message to someone you follow, but doesn’t follow you back, you’ll have to verify your phone number within Vine. Through the new feature, you’re able to receive a message from anyone, but from people that you don’t follow they will come through to a separate inbox. Vine launched in January of 2013 and set a new bar for mobile only social sharing. Adding the messaging component takes Vine from ‘video sharing’ to ‘video communicating.’ Raising the bar yet again. You can grab the Vine update in the latest versions of the Vine iOS and Android apps. Are you a Vine fanatic? If so, are you excited to use this new feature? Let us know!