Get Your Readers Sharing Your Blog

You spend hours composing creative content, photographing the perfect angle, and endless nights proof-reading your article. Results- the perfect blog! So how many hours have you wasted if no one reads your blog? We have 3 answers that will get your readers sharing your blog.

  • RSS Feeder: Feedly, Digg Reader, and Flipboard helps your busy reader keep up to date by compiling the blogs they follow into one easy to read feed.
  • Social Media Sharing: Make your blogs easier to share by placing a social media sharing button on your post.  Shareaholic is at the top of the Geek list and boast 400 million reaches each month.
  • Comment Spam Blocker: If you aren’t crazy about receiving offers from spammers 10 countries over, we recommend installing Akismet to your blog. It’s completely free and your readers will thank you when they don’t have to read the garbage.

These are just a few of our favorite ways to share. Please share with us apps and plug ins that work well for your personal or business blog.