Instagram Secrets from Teens : Building a Larger Following

Teenagers are experts in creating a massive following on Instagram. Instagram hasn’t completely faded from this generation and us “old folks” are slowly catching on to this photo fad. Luckily for you, we consulted our future geeks and have the inside scoop on not only gaining more followers, but keeping them as well.

Teen Secret #1 : It’s all in the hashtags. Create hashtags that have a long shelf life but are relevant to your content. is a great tool with various list of the most popular and hottest hashtags. If you are a local business or target most of your business in a certain city, use a geographic hashtag.

Teen Secret #2 : Comment on your customer’s photos. Let them know how awesome they look in their new #AmericanApparel outfit. It doesn’t hurt to slip in the fact they can find the perfect pair of sunglasses to finish off their outfit on sale at your store.

Teen Secret #3 : Follow your competitors followers. Like their photos and leave them comments. They are after all, your target market. Offer special sales or discounts to your followers.

Teen Secret #4 : Be creative with your photos. No one wants their feed to be clogged up with the same, typical food photos every day. Show your audience behind the scene footage. Educate them about different uses for your products or services. Vary your filters and don’t dump photos all at once so your audience doesn’t burn out quickly.

Nashville Geek Secret: Last, and most importantly, make sure people are able to find out where to purchase your product or service. Update your profile with your website, store location, and contact information. Remember to keep your profile public so people can find you.