Nashville Geek’s Top 5 Christmas Presents for the Geek in Your Life

With just a week left till Christmas, we know some of you are scratching your heads wondering what to get the Geek in your life. We asked all the Geeks here at Nashville Geek to tell us what tops their Christmas list and why. Without further ado, we give you our top 5 picks for the perfect Geek Christmas present:


Scott, our Co-leader and Chief Code Ninja is all about efficiency. His pick is an SSD (Solid State Drive). Scott says, “Every second in life is a treasure. So, why spend time waiting on your computer.  SSD drives are fast and quiet.  Yes, they are a little pricey.  As a developer who spends all day coding away, the time saved using SSD drives adds up quickly.  The benefits of using a solid state drive definitely exceed the cost.  Any geek will be thrilled to find an SSD drive in their stocking or new computer.”- Around $549

Ipad_pocket projector

Andrea, our Co-Leader, Geek Speak Translator and Head Geek Herder, spends her days going from one brainstorming session to another. Quite often, troubleshooting the AV capabilities of a meeting place can eat up time better spent translating the Geek Speak for our clients. Her pick? The iPad Pocket Projector! Although it’s the tiniest Geek Gadget on our list, this iPad projector fills a big need. From Hammacher Schlemmer, “Smaller than a smartphone and weighing less than 5 oz., the device plugs into an iPad’s 30-pin charging port, turning any space into a movie theater without complicated setup or cables. With a free app, users can magnify or rotate images and project everything from YouTube videos to live Internet surfing sessions.” Bonus? Also functions as a backup battery for your iPhone!-  $249.95

Everpurse_Smart Bag

Shea, our Account Executive and possibly most fashionable Geek, is always on the go and deals with a mind numbing commute everyday. Leaving a phone charger at home can spell big trouble later in the day which is why the Everpurse makes the top of Shea’s Geek Christmas list. Charging her phone on the go while not sacrificing style isn’t a problem anymore! The Everpurse features a “special charging pocket into which you place your smartphone. The docking system guides your phone smoothly onto a dock connector at the bottom—so you don’t have to fish for a cord!”.  The Everpurse comes in several styles and colors and even offers eGift cards at their site. – Starting at $189.00


Robyn, our Social Media Maven (@socialgypsy on Twitter) truly works from everywhere. Home, office, coffee shops, satellite office (AKA car)… you name it, she’s working. No big surprise that her pick is the iOmega eGo 35325, a tiny portable external hard drive that will fit in her purse or bag. Robyn needs access to files, designs, spreadsheets, and photos for any one of the geek clients – and needs it now. Social media does not wait for hard drives to catch up. From Top Ten Reviews, “The iOmega eGo Portable combines masterfully a fast data-transfer rate with a huge storage space, making this the perfect unit for personal or business use”. Plus, it comes in 3 colors! – $165


Steve, our resident Analog Geek and Code Ninja codes by day and plays beautiful music by night. Consequently, music really helps him stay motivated and decent sound quality is a must. Steve’s pick is really a twofer, The FiiO Alpen E17 Headphone Amp and the Grado SR80i’s. Per Steve, “True geeks demand more than the cheap earbuds that came with your iPhone. Smartphones and laptops are built primarily to drive earbuds and cheap cans, but the E17 connects to your computer, smartphone, mp3 player, or any other device via AUX, USB or SPDIF (Coax & optical) and will more than fully power any high-impedance headphones”.- Around $129


For headphones, Steve suggests the Grado SR80i’s or at a higher price point, the Sennhesier HD600’s or HD650’s.- From $100-400

Let us know what tops your Geek Christmas list in the comments and Happy Holiday’s from all of us @ Nashville Geek.

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