Should Your Company Join the Snapchat Craze?

Has your business mastered Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram? Looking for a new angle to reach 13-25-year-old females? Snapchat may be your answer. It may have earned a bad reputation amongst parents, but Snapchat has been proven to be an effective marketing tool. More and more companies are turning to Snapchat to offer giveaways, showcase new products or events, and give users an idea of what their company does behind the scene. With more than 400 million snaps sent last year (according to Social Media Today), Snapchat gives its audience a more personalized approach to marketing. It used to be only about disappearing photos, but the company recently stepped up its game and is now offering stories, which are videos that can be watched for a 24-hour period. As with any social media platform, Snapchat has its disadvantages. It usually reaches a smaller demographic and can be hard to build a large audience. But if you are looking for more targeted promotions or want to give your company a cool, hip image, give Snapchat a try. How is your company creatively using Snapchat?