Twitter Explained….by Twitter.

In this day and age, the word hashtag has taken on an entirely new meaning. Before a hashtag simply meant a number sign, now it’s a way to categorize your tweets, or anything social. For some, this is second nature. For others, you’re left wondering…what is Twitter anyway? We’ve defined #Hashtags in our Geek Dictionary, but here is Twitter explained…by Twitter. A verified Twitter account, @TwitterGuide recently appeared last week giving tips on how to use Twitter, defining usernames and terms, as well as how to further understand the social site. The account is a “Twitter Experiment” attempting to gain new users while taking the unknown out of Twitter to those hesitant. Most recently, @TwitterGuide tweeted a YouTube video answering the question – What is Twitter? Per Mashable, “Among other things, the video describes Twitter as the fastest way to get real-time information from around the world and goes on to compare the service to a personalized newspaper with tweets acting as headlines.” A quick explanatory video… Would a guide explaining terms and the true meaning of Twitter make you more apt to jump on board?